Pixappy is a Rich Media Designer which allows you to create html5 interactive content without writing code. It enhances the way the digital communication is performed and offers more flexibility in creating storytelling scenarios, delivering your messages and spreading out your brand engagement.

A full graphic interface

The Pixappy designer is based on a graphical user friendly interafce (WYSIWYG : What You See Is What You Get), so that it allows you to focus on your creations, putting aside anything related to coding.

Create nonlinear interactive scenarios

The different layers can be linked together to build nonlinear interactive scenarios involving various kinds of events like mousse events (click, mouse-out and mouse-in) and more thna that, internal events between widgets.

Drag and Drop functionnality

Add your media contents and widget to the workspace just by the drag-and-drop. Resize the different layers with your mouse and place them wherever you want without writing any code for that. The drag-and-drop functionality makes things easier and enhances the user experience.

Rich functionalities available

Pixappy provides a large list of functionalities and widgets to allow you to build your projects, and this list is still growing in order to meet your needs for more personal or professional great creations.

Import your media content

Mix media resources and content like photos, pics, animated gifs, videos and audios to create oustanding scenarios. All resources related to your project are centralized in one directory and can be reused for other projects.

Share your creations with friends and fans

Let your audience, friends and followers know about your creations and discover the amazing interactive stories and rich media content that you can build with the Pixappy Designer. Share your creations on twitter and facebook with a single click.

Export your creations

Once your project is finished, your can export it to the web. Pixappy generates then a unique link which can be viewed on your browser. An extra option allows you to export your creations on your local directory. The export directory contains all ripts, media contents and all related data to run your project on your server.

Html5 fomat & multiplatform compatibility

With Pixappy stop bothering yourself with software installation and plugin updating. Our solution is SaaS mode, so it provides all the functionalities and widgets you may need. You have access to all your creations just by using your favorite browser. Thanks to HTML5, your creations are perfectly viewed on all your browsers and mobile devices without any changes.

Pay as you go

With Pixappy, you pay only what your really need. You can still using our service for free as long as you don’t need more options. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity without any constraints, so pay as you go and only when you need.