Get Started

Nothing is easier than using pixappy ! All you have to do is to sign up for a free account and start building your Interactive Rich Media project. Because Pixappy is a SaaS platform, so no need to install ay software, plugin’s or something else to start enjoying our platform.

Sign up for a free account

You need only few seconds to sign up and get your a free account with your and a password, or using your facebook account.


 sign up

Create your first project

  1. Connect to your pixappy account
  2. Click on “My Creations”, and then “Create” to start creating your new project.
  3. Set up the project category and name
  4. Add few words for the description and keywords to optimize the search engine process
  5. Save your project
  6. Open your new project in the Pixappy Designer and starte your first Rich Media creation !


 create project

Build your interactive scenario

  1. Gather your media content (Photos, pics, audios, and videos) into your project
  2. Drag and drop your content and the “Widgets” and set up their properties
  3. Thanks to “Actions”, start linking the different elements to each other
  4. Each “Layer” and “Widget” has a specific role and properties. A “Layer” can contain one or more widgets to perform simultaneously multiple actions.
  5. With your mousse, move and place the “Layers” in your workspace to design your project.


 Build your interactive scenario

Preview your creation before publishing

View your creation before saving and publishing. During the preview, you can take a snapshot at any moment of the scenario. This snapshot will be used as the front page picture of your project.


 publish you pproject

Share on facebook and twitter, or with friends

Meet your audience and Let your friends and followers know about your creations. The pixappy designer makes it easy to publish and share your interactive rich media content and stories on the main and most popular social media networks facebook and twitter. To do so


  1. Click on “Share” panel
  2. Connect to your Facebook or Twitter account
  3. Add your comment
  4. And then share !

 share your project