Pixappy is a platform dedicated for creating interactive rich media content for web, social and advertising channels. Il allows you to make content more visible and improve engagement rate.

Pixappy for digital agencies

Pixappy helps you to focus on creativity by making your creations and content come alive with music, video, text, interactive images and more ! By adding interactivity, you can make your message more attractive and deliver engaging ads across multiple channels and devices. Pixppy plateform allows you to realize higher click-through rates (CTRs), take advantage of sound and motion, convey emotion and make visitors more interested.

Pixappy for business

You may use pixappy for your business to enhance your brand engagement by creating rich storytelling content that captures the attention of your clients. Pixappy allows you to tag images and build webdocuments and non-linear stories which tell more about your company and business than all speechs, and eventually share them on facebook, twitter and with friends. Pixappy interactive rich content engages your audience consistenly and reliably by integrating interactive links, embedded videos and brand links.

Pixappy for ALL

If you are not a webagency nor a professionnal, you may stay enjoy working with Pixappy to create yout own creative personnal  interactive greeting cards and contents to share with friends and family in all occasions (birthday, new year wishes, christmas, Valentine’s day…). So, it’s up to you to find out ways to take advantage of our platform...all that, without writing a single line of code !